Medicare 15″ Large Display


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Medicare display screens are simple, aesthetic and feature a user-friendly touch screen interface as standard.

Medicare’s 15 inch display panels include; colour backlit screen, numeric or alphanumeric display option. Optional functions include: location map setting, sounder, user-editable information, call accept, zoning, function buttons and call logging.


Technical Information
Display 15 inch colour backlit screen
HTM compliant screen colours
Large font clear text display
Wide angle viewing
Option of numeric or alphanumeric display
Dimensions W x D x H: 392 x 80 x 325 (440 with aerial)
Function Buttons Control buttons on touch screen
Volume adjust up/down/mute
Calls Waiting – to scroll through waiting call list
Map – to display call location
Notes – to display resident notes
Menu – to access advance functions
Compliance R & TTE, EMC
Low voltage safety directives
Power Non-switched socket outlet 230v a.c
Built in battery back up


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