Bed Sensor

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Bed Sensor

Bed Sensor Pad is the perfect solution to help you reduce the risk of falls in your facility or home.

These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for Fall monitor use. When connected, the pressure pad will trigger the monitor when weight is removed from the pressure pad.

Wipeable and Anti-Bacterial for infection control, Long life time Pad design for long term care.

Used with the Fall Savers Fall Savers Connect Monitor [1], the Bed sensor pad improves patient safety whilst embracing infection control measures, it can play a critical role in your falls and infection management programme.

Featured & Benefits

  • Infection Control.
  • Bed pad works Over Mattress.
  • All in one alert system for carers.
  • Can connect to most nurse call and paging systems.
  • Monitoring support for bed, chair , wheelchair and toilet.
  • HOLD Button to temporarily disable or reset device.
  • Adjustable time delay of 0 seconds, 2 seconds and 5 minutes to accommodate movement.
  • Recordable personalised voice alert.
  • Monitoring, alert and low battery status indicators.