Welcome To Lotus Care Technology

We All Need answers, that’s what we do best.

Welcome To Lotus Care Technology

The original and still the best Nurse Alert Mats.

Welcome To Lotus Care Technology

Large stocks of fall saving products ready for delivery.

Welcome To Lotus Care Technology

New Resident? We will get you the new products you need, Quickly.

Welcome To Lotus Care Technology


Welcome To Lotus Care Technology


More than just Caring.

Lots of companies use tag lines to try and make themselves memorable to their customers. For us its not just a marketing ploy, it defines our values. Here at Lotus we keep it simple! Long lasting products and good communication is in the Lotus name.

For many years we have provided nurse call systems and fall saving products that are simple, safe and easy to use. Such a dynamic and ever changing work environment throws up challenges.

We enjoy not only making a bespoke solution when needed, we also make sure it delivers yet ensure it’s easy to use and adds value to your care staff. We have been fitting Monitoring systems for many years now, and with all of our experience to draw on, we can help find the right System for you and your environment. Every home or business we visit is different; most requirements differ from one to the next, so it is impossible to suggest that one type of monitoring system is best for all of those homes! Unlike other vendors, Lotus Care are not tied in to any one Manufacturer, so we are perfectly placed to work with you to find the best fit.

Latest Products

  • Alerta Wireless Nurse Call Button

    £32.35 +vat
  • Alerta 2-Bar Bed Rail Bumpers with Netting

    £78.55 +vat
  • Alerta Bed Rail Bumpers – Full Length

    £59.55 +vat
  • Intercall Hexagonal Jacknut – Pack of 10

    £8.50 +vat

Products and Services

At Lotus Care Technology we are experts in the field of wireless nurse call systems. We are an independent company that supply, install and maintain a wide range of nursecall systems including Medicare, Courtney Thorne, QuailDigital, Aidcall Specialist Alarm Services (SAS) and many more.

After Care & Maintenance

We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of nursecall systems. We understand the importance for all nursecall systems to be professionally maintained as well as the need to respond to emergency call outs. From scheduled service contracts to emergency call-outs, if you have an issue, please contact us.

Care homes & more…

At Lotus we work with care homes and nursing homes across the country.

We work for both independently run homes as well multi-national groups. Our sales and support team are on hand to discuss your requirements.

  • Alerta Wireless Nurse Call Button

    £32.35 +vat

Systems we can supply & maintain

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