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Alert Mats

Designed to combat the problem of residents who are inclined to walk undetected.

The Nurse Alert Mat can help protect residents especially at night that are at risk of falls and accidents.

This Nurse Alert Mat can be placed typically at the bedside or at the door threshold and plugged into the call socket of the Nurse Call system or the mobile Floor Sentry Monitor.

It can then alert staff for example before the resident is up and about, sounding the alarm with a small amount of pressure thus enabling staff to investigate.

Need to add a pear push lead in the same call point then add a 2-1 adapter

In addition The Floor Pressure Mat has a heavy non slip backing, It comes professionally sealed so can easily be cleaned for liquid spills and is fully serviceable.

And carries a 12 Month guarantee


The ‘Nurse Alert Mat’ is fitted with a 3mtr (Other lengths available) lead and comes with the connection of your choice compatible with your Nurse Call System.

Featured & Benefits

  • 3M Cable.
  • Non-Slip High Grade Rubber.
  • Carpeted Waterproof Top.
  • Connection System Compatibility.
  • High Sensitivity Pressure Pad.
  • Sealed Waterproof Glue.
  • Plug And Play.

TIP: The difference between a Mono and Stereo Jack plug is the number of Black rings Mono 1, Stereo 2.