Medicare HTM6017 Pear Push Lead

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The Medicare HTM6017 Pear Push Lead is simple to use and easy to clean

Spare crocodile linen clips available here

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The Medicare HTM6017 Pear Push Lead is used with the HTM6500 series call point, it is plugged into the matching orange socket 2 on the bottom of the call point.

When the Orange button is pressed a CALL is activated on the nurse call system and then reassurance is given via the red led light built into the pear push hand set.

When either the Pear Push Lead is unplugged or the safety snap releases the nurse call system generates an accessory call to alert staff that the lead has either been unplugged or removed.

The design includes anti-microbial additive for infection control as well and a safety snap and suspension to ensure that it can withstand the rigours of the health environment, an easily replaceable clip for fixing to clothing or bed linen is included.


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