Fall Saving Equipment

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  • Alerta Wall Point Receiver

    £89.99£99.50 +vat
  • Alerta Wired Floor Alertamat

    £69.55 +vat
  • Alerta Wireless Bed Mat

    £99.50 +vat
  • Alerta Wireless Chair Mat

    £90.00 +vat
  • image of the Alerta wireless crass mat at side of a bed ready for use

    Alerta Wireless Crash Mat

    £197.50 +vat
  • an image showing the Alerta carpeted floor mat within the bedroom ready for use

    Alerta Wireless Deluxe Carpeted Floor Mat

    £134.99 +vat
  • Alerta Wireless Floor Sensor Mat

    £98.95 +vat
  • Courtney Thorne Connect Wear Pendant

    £109.95 +vat
  • Courtney Thorne Economy+ Neck Pendant

    £81.75 +vat