Intercall Pear Push Lead 2m


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Intercall Pear Push Lead

Intercall Pear Push Lead has been adapted for simple use and ergonomic feel. This provides patients or residents with an easily accessible solution to request assistance.

When residents need assistance the Intercall pear push leads are the perfect solution. Available in 2, 4 metre lengths, supplied with clip fastener so the unit can be attached to clothing or bed sheets if necessary.


• 2m long cable.• LED reassurance indicator.

• Right angle jack plug to minimise damage from raise and lower beds

• Intercall Compatibility*

• Easy to Grasp Design.

• Wipe Clean.

• Clothing Clip.

     *Please call our office on 01822 613258 if your having trouble identifying the connection for your system

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Pear Push Lead

Intercall Call Lead 2m, Intercall Call Lead 4m, Intercall Call Lead 8m


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