Intercall L722 Infrared Call Point

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Intercall L722 Call Point

The Intercall L722 Call point with infrared functionality to allow residents and staff to make a call via the TIR4 infrared pendant (sold separately) from up to ten metres from the call point.

This means residents or staff members can raise a call from anywhere in a room without the need to physically move to the call point location.

Available for both the Intercall 600 & 700 Call Systems and can generate up to five independent call levels indicated by the twin colour re-assurance LED

A call point is needed for every call location on the call system. The jack socket accepts inputs from a wide range of triggering devices such as pear push leads, pressure mats and portable radio triggers.



  • Five levels of call: Call alerts are automatically prioritised to inform staff to attend residents or patients.
  • Multi-coloured re-assurance LED: Built-in call reassurance LED, which gives the patient an immediate visual indication that help is on the way.

  • Call Follower’ sounder: Every call point has a built in sounder, which can be configured to beep when a member of staff is present in the room, helping alert staff to other call activity.

  • Universal jack socket: A wide range of accessories can be plugged into the universal jack socket to raise a call.


Planned Maintenance and Installation of Intercall Call systems is available, Contact us here


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