Fall Savers Connect Monitor


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Fall Savers Connect Monitor

Simplify staff training and improve your falls prevention programme with an all-in-one easy to use fall Savers Connect monitor that combines the industry’s leading monitoring features.

Fall Savers Connect Monitor is Compatible with bed and chair sensors as well as our heavy duty,Nurse Alert Mat

Falls Connect Monitor also offers personalised voice alert recording to provided added reassurance to its users.

The monitor can be used on its own, or as part of a monitoring system  with Pressure mats, integrated with a nurse call system alongside any optional pagers.

upgraded from our previously supplied model, offering a range of new features for your convenience.

Features Include

  • Monitoring support for bed, chair , wheelchair and toilet
  • HOLD Button to temporarily disable or reset device
  • Adjustable time delay of 0 seconds, 2 seconds and 5 minutes to accommodate movement
  • Recordable personalised voice alert
  • Monitoring, alert and low battery status indicators


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