Nurse Call Alert Mat Aidcall


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Nurse Call Alert Mat Aidcall

Designed to combat the problem of residents who are inclined to walk undetected.

Our Nurse Call Alert Mats can help protect residents, especially at night that are at risk of falls and accidents.

How to Use Nurse Call Mat Aidcall to Prevent Falls

Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults. There are many ways to prevent falls, and one of the most effective is using nurse call mats. Nurse call mats are pressure-sensitive mats placed on the floor at strategic locations around a home or facility. When someone steps on the mat, it sends a signal to a central system that alerts staff to the potential fall.

There are many different types of nurse call systems but we can supply the correct mat for your system, they can be placed in high-risk areas such as near beds, toilets, showers, and stairways. They can also be used in common areas such as living rooms. Nurse call mats offer a way to prevent falls because they provide an early warning system that allows staff to intervene before a fall occurs. They also give people the confidence to move around their home or facility without fear of falling.


In addition, our Nurse call Mat has a heavy non-slip backing, It comes professionally sealed so can easily be cleaned for liquid spills and is fully serviceable.
And carries a 12 Month guarantee.


The ‘Nurse Alert Mat’ is fitted with a 3mtr lead (Other lengths available) Please choose the correct connection for your Nurse Call system or Please contact us: 0800 8499 121 for help.


  • 3M Cable.
  • Non-Slip High Grade Rubber.
  • Carpeted Waterproof Top.
  • Connection System Compatibility.
  • High Sensitivity Pressure Pad.
  • Sealed Waterproof Glue.
  • Plug And Play


TIP: The difference between a Mono and Stereo Jack plug is the number of Black rings Mono 1, Stereo 2

Additional information

Connection Type

Aid Call R-BT, Aid Call ATX 4000, Aid Call ATX 5000


Brown, Charcoal


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