Medicare 7″ Display Panel


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Medicare’s 7 inch display panels include; colour backlit screen, numeric or alphanumeric display option. Optional functions include: location map setting, sounder, user-editable information, call accept, zoning and function buttons.

Display 7 inch colour backlit screen, HTM compliant colours, Large font clear text display, wide angle viewing.
Dimensions W x D x H: 200 x 80 x 150 (380 with aerial)
Function Buttons Control buttons on touch screen
Volume adjust up/down/mute
Calls Waiting – to scroll though waiting call list*
Map – to display call location
Notes – display resident notes
Menu – to access advance functions
Radio Specifications 433.92MHz, usable range over 250m (free air)
Compliance R & TTE, EMC
Low voltage safety directives


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