Bed Sensor Pad Foldable


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Bed Sensor Pad Foldable 

Bed Sensor Pad is the perfect solution to help you reduce the risk of falls in your facility or home.

These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for Fall monitor use. When connected, the pressure pad will trigger the monitor when weight is removed from the pressure pad.

Wipeable and Anti-Bacterial for infection control, Long life time Pad design for long term care.

Used with the Fall Savers Fall Savers Connect Monitor, the Bed sensor pad improves patient safety whilst embracing infection control measures, it can play a critical role in your falls and infection management programme.


  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Infection Control
  • Bed pad works Over Mattress
  • All in one alert system for carers
  • Can connect to most nurse call and paging systems


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