Medicare Retransmit / Signal Booster


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Used within the building normally on the 1st Floor to build a radio foot print to the desired parameters of the system.

The Medicare RTX enables receivers and transmitters to be installed anywhere within those parameters or radio footprint.
Power requirements non-switched socket outlet 240v a.c
Dimensions W x D x H : 180 x 125 x 40mm (H 290 with aerial)

Technical Information
Enclousure ABS enclosure
Dimensions (H x W x D) 180mm x125mm x 40mm (290mm with antenna)
Radio Specifications 433.92MHz
Conformity Conforms to European EN 301 489-3 and ETSI EN 300 220-3
(for ERP@10Mw)
Power Non-switched socket outlet 240v a.c
Built in battery back up


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