Fall Savers Wireless Monitor Package


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Fall Savers Wireless Monitor Package

No more trailing cables across floors, no more trip hazards, no more ligature risks truly wireless monitoring!

Simplify staff training and improve your falls prevention programme with an all-in-one easy to use fall Savers wireless monitor that combines the industry’s leading monitoring features.

The Wireless Monitor package comes with your choice of Wireless Bed, Chair, or Floor sensors.

The monitor can be used on its own, or as part of a monitoring system when Pressure mats are plugged in, integrated with a nurse call system alongside any optional pagers.

Upgrade your falls programme with the latest technology from Fall Savers.

The NEW Fall Savers Wireless eliminates the cord between the monitor and sensor pad. This results in less work for nursing staff, improved safety for patients and reduced wear and tear on sensor pads. Wireless advantages include the ability to use one monitor with two sensor pads simultaneously and support for many new wireless devices.



  • Safer for patients; less work for staff
  • Bed and chair pads available
  • One monitor works with two sensor pads
  • Integrates with most nurse call systems
  • A variety of options, including:
    • Call button
    • Pager
    • Floor sensor mat
    • Wireless door/window exit alerts
  • Monitoring support for bed, chair , wheelchair and toilet.

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