Alert It Pager 8 Channel


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Alert It Pager 8 Channel 

The Alert-iT pager receives signals from a range of sensors, such as the Secure-iT Door Activity Monitor, the Secure-iT Room Activity PIR Motion Detector,

And the Touch-iT No Effort Call Button Radio, ensuring you can offer help or assistance to those in your care  when needed.

Once a sensor is triggered, an alert is sent to the pager. The pager has an outdoor range of up to 450m, giving you more freedom to be in your home or garden whilst still being able to assist your loved one if they require it.

Features Include

  • Anti-microbial plastic case
  • Battery life of 100 hours
  • Easy To Use

Sensors are sold separately and at least one sensor is required for use with the pager. This item is not available as a stand alone item and must be purchased with a sensor – please view sensors available and select one.

The pager can link to a maximum of 8 sensors.