Nurse Alert MatLotus Care Products have nurse alert mats available to buy online. The nurse alert mat combats the problem of residents who are inclined to walk undetected. It protects residents who are at risk of falls and accidents especially at night when there is limited visibility. Typically, the mat is placed at the bedside or at the door threshold and then plugged in to the nurse call system or mobile floor sentry monitor.

Once set up, it can alert care staff if the resident is up and about, raising the alarm when a small amount of pressure is applied to the mat. This means staff can investigate straight away and potentially prevent falls and other accidents. The floor pressure mat comes with a heavy non slip backing. It is also easily cleaned if liquids are spilt on it as it comes professionally sealed. The nurse alert mat comes with a 12 month guarantee.


The nurse alert mat comes with a 3 metre lead (other lengths available) as well as the connection of your choice so that it is compatible with your nurse call system.


  • 3m cable.
  • Non-slip high grade rubber.
  • Carpeted waterproof top.
  • Connection system compatibility.
  • High sensitivity pressure pad.
  • Sealed waterproof glue.
  • Plug and play.

If you’re interested in ordering a nurse alert mat, visit our online store.